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Wonder \ˈwən-dər\ “1. to think or speculate curiously; 2. to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel; 3. something that causes surprise and astonishment”[1]

Pentax Film CameraMy interest in photography and most aspects of nature (except snakes) started in my childhood.  I whiled away entire mornings setting up vignettes in the basement of my parents’ home and shooting them with my Pentax Super Program camera.  I couldn’t wait until the film was developed and the prints were returned.  A successful photograph in the bunch delighted me and spurred me on to continue. My love of art and creativity came from my mother who is an amazing painter and whose creativity permeates her life.

One of my first memories of the Horicon Marsh was going duck hunting with my dad when I was a young girl.  We were motoring through the water up one of the dikes in his fishing boat and I thought how easy it would be to get lost among the myriad of cattails.  It wasn’t until years later when I returned to the area as an adult, that I realized what a gem the Horicon Marsh is.  My love of science and nature came from my dad.

My purpose in this blog is to share with you the wonder of nature living in the Horicon Marsh. It is an opportunity to combine my love of nature withLisa Traughber at the Horicon Marsh my love of photography.

My brother Jerry also inherited the creative gene.  We took the “Creating WordPress Websites” class together.  You can read his insights at traughberdesign.com where woodworking and entrepreneurship meet.  You can find out how to start your own blog or website in my Resources section.

Lisa Traughber


[1] The Random House College Dictionary (1975), s.v. “wonder.”