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Two Handy Photo Tips



The texture and artistry in the leaves on the underside of this Sunflower intrigued me more than the blossom itself.  A kind and thoughtful person gave me a bouquet of colorful blooms.  Sunflowers will be blooming in late summer in the Horicon Marsh area.  If you traveled here this week, you would have seen this,

Hail at the Horicon Marsh

Hail Pummels an Evergreen Tree

and this,

Snow at the Horicon Marsh

Several Inches of Snow Fell Recently in the Horicon Marsh Area

and this.

Porch Railing Covered in Snow

Porch Railing Covered in Snow

I shot the Sunflower photo by a window for side lighting and used a floor lamp for overhead lighting.  I wanted more light on the underside of the blossom.  My “real” reflector was too large for my set up.  Aluminum foil wrapped around a piece of cardboard and taped to the back bounced light from the floor lamp up underneath the Sunflower.  The result was more even lighting. Little post processing was needed.

Handy Reflector

Handy and Easy to Make Reflector


Lighting Set Up

Lighting Set Up for Sunflower Photo

The handy Wimberley Plamp was used to demonstrate the set up.  One end has a sturdy clamp that can be used on most tripods.  You can also clamp it to other objects.  The other end has a lighter clamp that can be used to hold plants still for macro photography.  It spins 360 degrees and has a rubber cushion to protect the object it is holding.  It only holds lighter items.  Tension on the larger clamp can be adjusted by turning a screw.  The arm can be moved in any direction.  When you need three hands, the Wimberley Plamp may be just the help you are looking for.

Wimberley Plamp

Wimberley Plamp

I hope to be taking my Wimberley Plamp and reflector outside soon to photograph cheery spring blossoms at the Horicon Marsh.