Artistic Treasures

Common Gallinule at the Horicon Marsh

Common Gallinule

I was treated to a variety of artistic treasures at the Horicon Marsh today.  This Common Gallinule looks like his beak has been carved from exotic wood and a Master Painter added white brush strokes of paint as a final touch to this masterpiece.

Tree Swallow at the Horicon Marsh

Tree Swallow

Feathers of the Tree Swallow look metallic in the sunlight.  His black eye patch adds a touch of mystery.

American Coot at the Horicon Marsh

Juvenile American Coot

The American Coot chicks are growing up!  I think they look most beautiful at this stage in their development.

Trumpeter Swan at the Horicon Marsh

Trumpeter Swan

When this Trumpeter Swan walked through the water, the ducks scooted off, reminiscent of the parting of the Red Sea.

Trumpeter Swan at the Horicon Marsh

Trumpeter Swan Performing Neck Exercises

I wonder if swans get sore necks?

Wood Duck at the Horicon Marsh

Female Wood Duck

Jewel toned feathers add to this female Wood Duck’s beauty.

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