Fall Migration

Autumn at the Horicon Marsh

I took this photo on Highway Z on my drive to the Horicon Marsh.  Autumn is so beautiful in Wisconsin.

Trumpeter Swans at the Horicon Marsh

The Trumpeter Swans are growing and continuing to enjoy swimming in an area near the auto tour.

Autumn at the Horicon Marsh

Some of the trees are at their peak and putting on a spectacular show.

Green-winged Teal at the Horicon Marsh

This Green-winged Teal looks a bit rough due to molting.  The Green-winged Teal is the smallest dabbling duck in North America.

Green-winged Teal at the Horicon Marsh

They also enjoy Ballet.

Female Green-winged Teal at the Horicon Marsh

This is the pretty female Green-winged Teal.

Green-winged Teal and Canada Goose at the Horicon Marsh

I love the interaction between the Green-winged Teal and the Canada Goose.

Dowitchers at the Horicon Marsh

I believe these are Adult nonbreeding Dowitchers.  The tiger striping on their tales is an identifying feature.  It is amazing that standing on one foot is restful!

Female Northern Pintail at the Horicon Marsh

This female Northern Pintail enjoys chatting and swimming.

Lesser Yellowlegs at the Horicon Marsh

Swimming only briefly, the Lesser Yellowlegs took off shortly after I arrived.

Dunlin at the Horicon Marsh

Autumn is a great time to view birds that are migrating through the Horicon Marsh.  What do you think this one is?

Dunlin at the Horicon Marsh

Here is another view.  I would love to hear what you think in the comments section.

Comment:  Jerry asked a great question in the comments area.  What is a dabbling duck?  Dabblers feed on the surface of the water by opening their beaks to filter out tiny organisms.  They may also tip up, leaving their legs and tails in the air.  They don’t like to submerge their whole body.  These include Canada Geese, Trumpeter Swans, and Wood Ducks.  Divers, on the other hand, dive underwater to feed.  These include Pied-billed Grebes and Ruddy Ducks.


  1. Reply
    Jerry October 30, 2016

    What is a dabbling duck?

    • Reply
      Lisa November 3, 2016

      That is a great question Jerry! I will address it in an addendum to my post since other readers may have the same question. Thank you for asking it!

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