Waiting for Spring

Bird Nest at the Horicon Marsh

Waiting for Spring

Several inches of snow fell on the Horicon Marsh yesterday.  Snow fills this vacant nest which may have been occupied by an American Robin, judging by its size and design. Female Robins build the nest from the inside out pressing dead grass and twigs into a cup shape using their wing.  Once the cup is formed, she uses soft mud from worm castings or puddles to reinforce the nest.  It takes an average of 180 trips per day for 2-6 days to finish this marvel of architecture.  Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long for the American Robins to return.


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    Jerry January 31, 2017

    If the female robin is doing all the nest building, what is the male robin doing?

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      Lisa February 5, 2017

      Excellent question, Jerry! I wasn’t able to find any information on what the male is doing. The female chooses the nest site and builds the nest. Once the chicks have hatched, the male helps to feed them.

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