Polarizing Effects

Horicon Marsh

Deer hunters emblazoned with orange clothing were sprinkled throughout the Horicon Marsh today.  The auto tour is closed for our safety.  Gale force winds the last few days stripped the trees of their leaves, except for a few tenacious ones clinging in defiance of dropping temperatures.  The surface of the water is already starting to freeze as a result of 30 degree temperatures the last two days.  Geese were standing on top, rather than in, the shallow marsh water.

Horicon Marsh

I don’t know what type of clouds filled the sky today, but let’s just call them amazing.  I used my polarizing filter to try and capture the contours.  Turning the filter can darken the sky and works well if you are 90 degrees to the sun.  A polarizing filter does not work well if the sun is in front of you or behind you.  It darkened the sky and I lost about two shutter speeds, which was fine since I wasn’t shooting wildlife on the move.

Horicon Marsh

These were taken on Palmatory Street in Horicon and along Highway Z.

Horicon Marsh

I have always liked the texture on this building and the trail leading to the woods.  If you follow it, you can walk all the way to the Education and Visitor Center on Highway 28.

Horicon Marsh

This is facing the same direction as the building.  It is fascinating how the clouds start in a straight line high in the sky.


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    Jerry November 22, 2016

    Love the photography! You are so talented.

    • Reply
      Lisa November 22, 2016

      Thanks, Jerry! That is kind of you to say.

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