Helpful Links

Here are some helpful sites if you are interested in more information about the Horicon Marsh. Click on the name of the organization to go to their website.

The Horicon Marsh consists of the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge and the Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area.

Horicon National Wildlife Refuge

The Horicon National Wildlife Refuge is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and makes up the northern two thirds of the Marsh.  It consists of 21,000 acres of marsh and upland areas.  The auto tour and Highway 49 are in this area of the marsh.  The visitor center is located on Highway Z.  The Friends of the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge promote conservation, awareness, and appreciation of the Horicon Marsh.  They also have a Facebook page.

Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area

The Department of Natural Resources manages the southern third of the marsh comprised of 11,000 acres of wetland and upland.  You will find the exceptional Education and Visitor Center in this area on Highway 28.

Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center

Walk through a glacier; take a simulated ride in an airboat, and smell a woolly mammoth in the Explorium.  Hiking trails, a boardwalk, and a gift shop are located here.  The Friends of the Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center encourage connections between people and the Marsh.  Their Facebook page is here.

Horicon Marsh Boat Tours

Feel the wind in your hair as you enjoy a fun and educational pontoon boat ride offered from May to October at the Blue Heron Boat Landing. Canoe and kayak rentals are available.  They also have a gift shop.

Marsh Haven Nature Center

This non-profit, volunteer-supported center has displays, an art gallery, and a gift shop.  It is located on Highway 49.

The Horicon Marsh Bird Club

The annual bird festival in May is a great opportunity to learn about the many species of birds that migrate to the Horicon Marsh every year.  Visit the Club’s Facebook page for up to date sightings and information.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Lab facilitates the study, appreciation, and conservation of birds.  If you are having trouble identifying a bird, this site provides identification information including bird call audio recordings and video.