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Cacophony of Calls

Sandhill Cranes and Canada Geese at the Horicon Marsh

A cacophony of sound filled the air along Highway 49 with Canada Geese honking, ducks quacking, and Sandhill Cranes making their unique rolling call.  Hundreds of each species spread throughout the water.  Each species banded together in its own area and all the species were relatively congenial with one another.

Snow Geese at the Horicon Marsh

White Form of the Snow Goose

A small flock of Snow Geese joined the symphony.  Oh for a 1200 mm lens!

Blue Goose at the Horicon Marsh

Blue Form of the Snow Goose

Snow Geese have two color forms.  The white form is mostly white with a few black tail feathers.  The blue form has a white head and a dark body.  The Snow Goose is also called the Blue Goose because of the blue gray feathers on the dark body of the blue form.

Tundra Swan at the Horicon Marsh

Tundra Swan

A Tundra Swan stayed away from the crowd by swimming alone on the north side of the road. The eye of the Tundra Swan is more distinct from its beak than the Trumpeter Swan’s eye.  The Tundra Swan also has a bit of yellow coloring in front of the eye.

Northern Pintail at the Horicon Marsh

Northern Pintail

The eye catching Northern Pintail was paddling along and dipping its head in the water beside the auto tour.

Northern Pintail at the Horicon Marsh

It was another great afternoon spent at the Horicon Marsh.

Sunset at the Horicon Marsh

This was taken at the small wayside on the east end of Highway 49.